Windsor Regional Hospital Launches Interactive ‘Dealing With COVID’ Webcasts

WINDSOR, ONT. – A new interactive webcast series is launched to help the people of Windsor-Essex cope with COVID-19.

Windsor Regional Hospital is posting details on ‘Coping With COVID’ – a forum for sharing stories, asking questions and getting expert answers, in real time.

The idea for the project arose when June Muir, CEO of the Windsor Unemployed Assistance Center and one of the first people with a confirmed case of COVID-19 in the region, contacted Hospital CEO David Musyj. to discuss ways she could use her experience to help others cope with the virus.

As a result, the Windsor Regional Hospital will launch the webcasts on November 18, which will be a live Facebook chat for those diagnosed with COVID-19, survivors, long-haulers, loved ones and anyone who just wants to. learn more about the virus.

Through this platform, viewers can connect directly with experts and other people who understand what they are going through by asking questions on Facebook and getting answers to the questions in real time.

“The unknown is terrifying when you or someone you know is diagnosed with COVID-19 and it’s a really lonely time,” Muir said. “Dealing with COVID is a platform where we can come together, be there for each other, share information and make the experience a little easier. “

Muir says she can’t wait to share her story, answer questions, and help others feel less alone.

“When it comes to this virus, we are always learning new information every day and this type of support is not always readily available for those affected by COVID,” explains Musyj. “I look forward to this opportunity for our community to come together and learn more about the impacts of COVID-19 and I hope that through these conversations we can even help prevent the spread of the virus by taking our informed community. “

Coping with COVID will be released Wednesday at noon on the Windsor Regional Hospital Facebook page.

Windsor Regional Hospital Director of Communications Allison Johnson will moderate the six-part discussion that will feature a new topic and guests for each session.

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