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The game-changing tool that will give your online presentations a major upgrade

Being a public speaker (and now an online public speaker), I can’t wait to try any tool that will enhance the audience experience. In fact, I’m always on the lookout for the very latest in presentation technology. Last year, a few months after the start of the pandemic, my quest for the latest innovations was in high gear. When my lectures shifted from standing on a stage to sitting in my living room, I was eager to find the best way to present magnetic and compelling online presentations.

You might think that if you’re not a keynote speaker, you don’t need to be giving powerful presentations. Nothing could be further from the truth. After all, every time you give a presentation, you receive a multitude of rewarding career moments. But a presentation can be either a personal brand builder or a personal brand breaker. So it’s important to have the right technology, especially when making presentations in the virtual world to a participating audience using the same device that constantly rings with reminders about all of their other work. The key to creating great online presentations is to focus on the three M’s:

  • Magnetic – Instantly grab your audience’s attention
  • Bewitching – Keep Their Attention
  • Memorable – Keep inspiring them long after the party is over

One day, while looking to maximize these three M’s, I came across [strangely named] software called mmhmm. It promised to help anyone deliver a vivid online presentation experience that far exceeds standard zooms – you know, the nap-inducing ones you’ve been seeing multiple times a day since last March.

At first I was skeptical of the product’s lofty promises, but those doubts disappeared when I took the plunge. The most important distinction between standard online meeting and mmhmm is that mmhmm puts you in your slides, allowing people to connect with you as if you were at the front of the room for a dazzling live presentation. And, of course, it’s a boon for the personal brand. Mmhmm ​​Founder and CEO Phil Libin says, “Being charismatic in video is different, and the style of a traditional presentation wrongly emphasizes the slides, not the presenter. ”

This is because when you do a presentation in person, your slides are there to reinforce and enhance the experience you deliver, but the most popular presentation platforms out there today make your slides the star and relegate you to one. supporting role, occupying a postage stamp-sized square on the screens of your audience members. You are little more than an extra in a Netflix series.

With mmhmm, you are the star, so you can wow your audience and make a giant deposit in your personal brand bank. This innovation alone is enough to be a game-changer for this product, but there are so many additional features you can use to create truly unique presentations that stand out. Mmhmm ​​has just announced its latest version (V2.0), which offers even more opportunities to make your mark and hypnotize your audience. It’s called mmhmm Chunky.

This new version allows you to easily integrate live sessions with recorded videos to improve engagement levels. It allows you to include other people in your presentation who may not be available live, and to incorporate some of your best recorded work into the presentation you deliver.

Another innovative feature, Copilot 2.0, allows you to chat with another person on the same stage (even if they may be thousands of miles away). This allows you to bring colleagues or even audience members into your presentation, chatting side by side, seemingly on the same set. This feature is sure to make your audience take note and remember.

And the new version of mmhmm lets you stream live and pre-recorded presentations directly from mmhmm. So when you’re pitching and want it to be available to your entire online community, you can.

To be clear, online presentations come with a lot of hurdles. Looking at the pixels just isn’t as visceral and engaging as attending events in person. There are too many things getting in the way online. But the closest thing I’ve seen to delivering the three M’s also starts with the letter m: mmhmm. This uniquely named product raises the bar for your online presence, and it raises the bar for your brand.

William Arruda is a keynote speaker, author, co-founder of CareerBlast.TV and creator of the LinkedIn Profile Type Indicator (LPTI) which measures the liking and credibility of your LinkedIn profile.

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