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TAITRA to Host Online Presentations and Business Meetings on Taiwan Satellite Components


Taiwanese manufacturers excel at using miniaturization techniques, which allow them to create small and lightweight satellite components. Thanks to its synergy, Taiwan’s satellite industry has become an essential part of the supply chain for LEO communication satellites and ground equipment around the world. Taiwan Foreign Trade Development Council (TAITRA) will soon host the online presentation and business meetings of Taiwan satellite components. A webinar featuring corporate presentations will be released on November 30. Next, optional one-on-one online meetings will take place on December 8, to connect buyers around the world with Taiwanese suppliers featured in the presentations.

During the webinar, five Taiwanese companies at the forefront of the low orbit satellite industry will introduce themselves and their products: Tensor Tech is dedicated to satellite minimization and provides full service for ADCS. Its spherical motor technology could further reduce costs and carry more payloads.

HelioX Cosmos is a proactive space company that offers a wide range of complete solutions. These range from R&D on nanosatellites, space flight verification, space grade components to launch services, CubeSat ISS deployment and lunar missions. CviLux specializes in the manufacture and sale of connectors, FFCs and wire harnesses. In the LEO satellite technology industry, they not only entered the LEO supply chain in the United States, but also supplied many Taiwanese companies that produce PoE adapters and Wi-Fi routers.

TRON FUTURE specializes in synthetic aperture radar satellite communication systems. As their company slogan, “To Create Future Technology” underlines, they are committed to creating innovative technology for the future. Liscotech specializes in applications and system designs that require high levels of stability. The company is also dedicated to the development of FPGA / CMOS imaging system.

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