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How this new toolkit takes public speaking and online presentations to the next level in Europe

The new audience activation tool – Actymeter – has quickly gained traction in Europe with public speakers, senior leaders, teachers and professors by enabling more interactive presentations. Actymeter helps connect with audiences and takes engagement and feedback to the next level.

Germany – 06 May 2022 – Even senior executives and employees find public speaking and large presentations nerve-wracking. The main rational reason is that standing in front of an audience makes them feel vulnerable and isolated. We tend to frame public speaking as a confrontation, as presenter versus audience, as speaker versus listeners, as us versus them. With Actymeter, people can stop thinking of it as a confrontation. Instead, Actymeter users see it as a partnership between speaker and audience. Actymeter was designed to provide the right toolkit to establish that exact partnership between speaker and audience.

When it comes to creating outstanding presentations and live events, Actymeter’s interactive presentation toolkits are unmatched in the industry. One method to activate the audience is to vote in real time. The Actymeter presenter account can be used to produce and broadcast a live quiz in seconds. Actymeter’s user interface has been designed to be compatible with mobile devices and can be used directly without installing an app. Basically, all smart phones and internet-connected devices can be used to engage and vote in real time, removing any barriers to participation.

In the hybrid world, Actymeter’s direct link with the small and the general public considerably improves the interaction. Customer satisfaction has been shown to increase for both online and offline events, as well as hybrids of the two. Participation is facilitated by the Actymeter’s design and emphasis on user privacy.

A presenter mode is offered by Actymeter, which allows audience members to interact anonymously through a smartphone or tablet. Using Actymeter with PowerPoint and presenting using Zoom or Teams (or any other communication platform), users showed an extremely high participation rate (usually >90%). Because it enables dynamic sharing of information, users find it appealing. Using the Actymeter, speakers acquire real-time data from your audience, then analyze the information and take appropriate action based on it.

Actymeter is a one-stop-shop for real-time engagement, both online and offline (IRL). Attendees can log in on any device and engage in real-time by answering questions posed throughout the event. The results are displayed on a graph in real time but with a consideration of confidentiality using Actymeter. This results in a more engaging and enjoyable experience for both parties.

It is the job of the system to provide data about the public in a privacy-respecting manner. Through this method, users can find out what the audience is thinking and whether or not they can follow the content. Here you can engage both openly and privately. As stated in Article 5(2) of the GDPR, Actymeter further acknowledges that it is its responsibility to ensure that all data processing practices comply with these standards.

As a result, the audience is happy, the speaker performs better, and the connection between the audience and the speaker is at the next level.

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