Cloud Service Provider Delivers Webcasts to Help Build Future-Ready Businesses

As the pandemic has pushed businesses to go online with all health restrictions, it is critical to ensure that all data is accessible to all staff working remotely through a new range of cloud services. With little time for businesses to adjust to and operate the new normal, it has pushed them to the cloud as the economy slowly recovers and businesses plan to provide a more user-friendly environment remotely.

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Cloud Service Provider Delivers Webcasts to Help Build Future-Ready Businesses

“You can’t have the same agility with on-premise infrastructure,” Eyal said. “You can not.” Shaul Eyal, Communications and Infrastructure Software Analyst at Oppenheimer & Co told the Wall Street Journal.

Meanwhile, the report also found that around 74% of companies plan to continue to keep their employees at work remotely even after the pandemic, based on a survey of 317 financial executives from March 26 to 30. .

That’s why VMware Cloud, a cloud service provider, is offering a series of webcasts to help businesses choose the right cloud strategy to use for their remote workforce to ensure a hybrid and multi-user experience. consistent and productive cloud.

VMware Cloud Webcast Series

Learn from the experts with a webcast series on managing cloud services in the new normal and discover the right cloud strategy for their remote workforce. Check out these scheduled topics:

Cloud Service Provider Delivers Webcasts to Help Build Future-Ready Businesses

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Cloud Service Provider Delivers Webcasts to Help Build Future-Ready Businesses

Achieve the New Network Standard for the Distributed Workforce (October 27)

Learn the science of securing and optimizing the network, which is essential in a remote workplace. Jack Madden and Chris Le, Product Marketing Managers for VMware Sr., will explain how the Zero Trust SD-WAN service works. They will also provide information on how to maximize secure and trustless access for remote workers by integrating the service with Workspace ONE.

Enrich Your VMware Cloud on AWS Applications by Integrating them with Native AWS Services (November 10)

VMware Cloud offerings over 175 native AWS services, which can be used for storage, serverless, security, machine learning, Internet of Things (IoT), database, and analytics, among others. In this webcast, AWS Architect Principle Solutions Aarthi Raju will discuss and demonstrate the integration of AWS applications on VMware Cloud with native AWS services as well as reference architectures for key use cases.

Modernization of VDI and Application Delivery in Hybrid Cloud (November 10)

To ensure business continuity and remote work, it is important to have desktop and application virtualization technologies. Learn from VMware Senior Product Line Marketing Manager Gabe Knuth why VMware Horizon and Horizon Cloud are chosen by many organizations to create an advanced environment and provide support to their businesses.

Be ready for the future with vRealize Cloud Universal (November 11)

Technical Marketing Architect for VMware Sr. John Dias and VMware Product Development Marketing Gabriel Martinez will discuss how to drive cloud evolution and deliver a cohesive multi-cloud and hybrid experience through vRealize Cloud Universal, a SaaS management suite. This technology will meet the cloud adoption strategy needs of enterprises to help them move to a remote workplace, as well as manage and protect their existing cloud investments.

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Special Global Online Event

Meanwhile, VMware Cloud will also host a special online global event titled Modernize Your Network for a Future-Ready Business, which will take place on November 16.

Executives and business leaders will talk about the need to reconsider the business amid the health crisis and how this is becoming beneficial for end users and businesses. Speakers include VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger, VMware COO Rajiv Ramaswami and VMware Vice President and General Manager, Network Systems Tom Gillis.

The coronavirus pandemic has already forced multitudes of businesses to close or lay off thousands of employees. However, those who were able to adapt quickly to the situation have been able to stay afloat and even thrive in recent months. Hopefully, these webcasts could help more businesses equip themselves with the technologies needed to create a more future-ready workplace.

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