Request a payday loan from direct online lenders only

Time has advanced and today everything is much faster than ever. This also applies to loans. What was previously a matter of lengthy furnishing is a matter of minutes. No queues at bank branches or non-bank companies do not need to stand, because there is also an online way that will reveal to you. A payday loan online direct lender via the green-touch official website has become a popular product that is increasingly being sought and used by more and more clients. 

In the last few years, so-called micro-loans have experienced a significant boom. Sometimes they have also nicknamed payday loans and their purpose is clear. The company will lend you a smaller amount of money, typically around five thousand dollars, for a short period. The loan period usually does not exceed 30 days. Therefore, for these loans, you can not follow the mandatory date APR, because it indicates the annual cost and logically is huge amounts, even in the order of several hundred percent. However, when recalculated for the borrowing period, ie the month aforementioned, the amount is much more acceptable.

In addition, if you have a problem repaying the entire amount, most companies allow deferral. You simply pay the contractual extension fee and the maturity will be extended for another period. This way you can postpone maturity several times in a row for some companies. And the fee will still not be too high, so this is an additional service that sometimes really comes in handy.

Quick Loan – Online comparison

One of the many players in the fast small loan market is. He will provide you with a payout of 500 to 20 000 dollars. You can choose a maturity of one to thirty days. The advantage is a quick transfer of money. If your application is approved, you have money in your account within 15 minutes. And the conditions for obtaining? These are really minimal here. A quick online loan doesn’t want much! All you have to do is be over 18 years old, have citizenship, of course, a permanent residence and a stable income that you can prove.

But an online loan doesn’t mean just a few thousand missing payouts. You can also borrow a larger amount over the Internet. For example, the lender offers up to USD 300,000 for 84 months.

Benefits of a fast online loan

  • you don’t have to visit a bank
  • financial assistance available
  • some companies pay their money even at the weekend
  • processing within minutes via the Internet

Disadvantages of fast online loans

  • interest rate
  • APR is high