leader of the march known for his words, his marches and his webcasts | New

Frank “Nitty” Sensabaugh’s quest for racial equality began long before he and at least 40 other activists began a march from Wisconsin to Washington, DC, which took them through that region. Sensabaugh’s group had a member shot this week in at least two confrontations as they passed through Bedford County. He has become a public […]

Online presentations

During pandemic, Grundy Museum switches to online presentations

Credit: Grundy Museum A presentation scheduled for June by the Grundy Museum in Bristol Borough has been canceled due to the pandemic, but it will be released online this week. Bristol Borough resident Eros Leroi will present “Corsets and Tuxedo Belts: Fashion Through the Ages” online on the museum’s YouTube channel. The channel will air […]

Web meetings

KUDO Raises $ 6 Million to Make Multilingual Web Meetings Transparent

In 2017, CONGRATULATIONS launched its Language-as-a-Service platform to support multilingual web conferences and events. Fast forward in today’s remote working environment, and KUDO’s service is more relevant than ever. The platform provides real-time language interpretation for live online meetings and conferences, so people can listen and speak in their language, while expert interpreters translate what […]